Our aims – Cardigan House

Purpose of Cardigan House.

To provide an enhanced level of supervision to enable certain bailees and offenders on statutory orders to address their offending behaviour. Cardigan House takes those who require assistance in addressing their problems, rather than simply providing accommodation. It provides a supportive and structured environment in which residents are supervised effectively. Recent developments have seen a significant increase in the number of residents on Post-Custody Licence and a decline in the number who are subject of bail conditions.


Referral requests can be made by the Prison or Probation Service, or by Courts. The hostel only considers men who are 17 years of age and over. Residents are admitted to the hostel as:

  • Post Release Licence – As part of a release plan approved by either the Prison Governor or the Parole Board, when a condition of residence is included in the licence.
  • Community Order – Usually a Community Sentence with a condition of residence at Cardigan House for a period, which can be up to twelve months.
  • Bailees – Sent by the court as a condition of bail.
  • Bail Assessment – Sent by the court for a period, normally four weeks, to assess the person, and make recommendations to the court. This could include a community sentence with a condition of residence.