The Trustees, Directors and Board Members of Progress to Change are the same people. Five Trustees are appointed by the Diocese, via the Bishop of Leeds, and four are appointed by the Board of Directors themselves. Trustees are appointed for a period of four years, after which they can be re-appointed for one further term of four years.

The Board of Trustees/Directors has up to 9 members and is responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the charity and, as owner, for the two buildings known as Ripon House and Cardigan House. Management of these two Approved Premises (also referred to as hostels) was previously delegated to a Management Committee, however at the beginning of 2015 the meetings of the Board and Committee were combined to form a joint Management Board of Directors and non-executive members.

Non-Executive appointments can be made at any time and will normally be for an initial term of three years. Membership may be renewed for a second term of up to three years, and may be further extended in exceptional circumstances. These members may also be considered for appointment to the Board of Trustees when a vacancy arises.

Board members have a wide range of backgrounds and skills, bringing expertise in education, management, business, the law, accountancy, and the NHS.

The Strategic and Operational Managers have responsibility for day to day running of the hostels, individual supervision of staff and ensuring that the staff teams continue to develop skills and working practices in line with best practice.

The Company Secretary, Tricia Gradys, can be contacted by phone: 07843179334 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday or by email:

The Board of Trustees meet nine times a year (monthly with the exception of April, August and December). Their meetings are held on a Tuesday evening 5.30 – 7.30p.m.

Board of Trustees 2024 is now as follows:

  • Prof. Alastair Hay – Chair
  • Diana Favre – Vice-Chair
  • Jill Dilks – Trustee
  • Carol Cochrane – Trustee
  • Sara Mondon – Trustee
  • Roy Brook – Trustee
  • Prof. Olga Matthias – Trustee  

In attendance at meetings are: CEO Clare Maguire; Company Secretary Tricia Gradys.

Company Secretary: Tricia Gradys.