Grant making criteria



Welcome to our small grants programme.

Progress to Change is encouraging any individual, or small community-based group, to apply for a small grant to assist in supporting a planned activity and enhancing the quality of life of those taking part.

Applications from individuals can be submitted for up to £1,000, and community groups or organisations up to £2,000.

In exceptional circumstances a grant of up to £5,000 may also be considered.
Funding can be applied to cover any costs, but an individual, community group, or organisation must be able to show that the activity will improve the life opportunities for those who have been affected by crime.

Organisations may only apply for funding once in any financial year.

Applications are welcomed from any group or individual.

However it is important that you check the following Criteria carefully before continuing.

Do you or your group meet one of the Charity’s Objectives?

  • The activity you are applying for funding must take place within the Diocese of Leeds.
  • Current funding of your project/s will be examined carefully.
  • Grants may be awarded to individuals provided a separate bank account is set up.
  • Groups should be of charitable status or seeking it.
  • Grants will generally be between £1,000 and £2,000. Receipts will be required for all costs involved in the activity.
  • Grants will not be paid for activities already undertaken.
  • Grant applications will only be considered at the Trustees February, June, October meetings.

How to apply

Please note we do not have an application form but ask that you follow the instructions below.

Check carefully that your application meets the criteria as stated above.

On your application, please state your name, contact details and full costing of the activity.

Organisations or Community Groups: Please state the name, address, e-mail, and phone number of the organisation you are applying on behalf of, your registered Charity number (if you have one), a brief outline of what your organisation does and a copy of your latest signed accounts.

All applicants when applying are asked to complete no more than two sides of A4 paper telling us:

  • Something about yourself or your group.
  • What you want the funding for and how it meets the above criteria.
  • A start and a finish date.
  • Who will benefit, and how many beneficiaries there will be from the activity?
  • What you hope to achieve from this funding and what the outcome will be.
  • Please email your application request to:

What happens next? The Trustees will consider your request and, if your application is successful, our Company Secretary will contact you for any further details that may be required.

At the end of your Project or Activity we would request an end of grant report be submitted highlighting the difference or change that has resulted from the event(s) that took place.

Grants Refusal
We will inform every applicant of the outcome of their application in writing by post or email as soon as possible. We do not give feedback on individual applications.