Ripon House

About Ripon House

Ripon House has had a long history in supporting disadvantaged individuals.

This started in 1920’s when the Church, St Faiths, ran a maternity unit for unmarried women.
During the years it has served under many guises, but always keeping to its key belief about having a supportive environment which can bring about positive change.

In 1946 the building became a girl’s hostel, and in 1969 after a Home office request the management committee agreed to becoming a hostel for adults on bail and probation.
From 1970-2006 the premises offered support to both male and female offenders.
But in 2006 it became a space for women only. It is still the only such provision in the Yorkshire and Humber region. As all our referrals come from Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service. As there are very few Female Hostels in the Country residents are referred to Ripon House from all around the Country

Today Ripon House has accommodation for up to 22 residents. Many of the women who take up the placements have served frequent and lengthy prison sentences. They have often experienced multiple difficulties including poor mental health, learning difficulties physical health issues and low self-esteem, addiction issues lack of appropriate support networks and may be institutionalised therefore requiring a lot of support to re settle into society and refrain from further reoffending.

The primary role of Ripon House is to protect the public and ensure the safety of the community, residents and staff.

Ripon House uses an holistic approach which focuses on the individual and their specific needs/risks. During their stay residents are encouraged to work on improving self-esteem and self-confidence levels, learning coping skills and maintaining strategies to reduce recidivism.
Ripon House has an enabling environment which allows its residents to flourish. Individuals are encouraged to take part in the many group activities facilitated by both staff and outside partners. One to one sessions with their link worker are provided to help support in the transition from custody to community living. This includes, finding suitable move on accommodation, support with basic skills, money management, finding and keeping a tenancy. Resident engagement can take many forms including liaising and signposting to partner agencies for more specialist support such as mental health and addiction issues.

Ripon House

Facilities in the hostel include:

Ripon House lounge; a TV lounge, a dining/coffee lounge, a laundry, training group and interview rooms.
25 single rooms, each with washbasins…
disabled access facilities, including a lift between the ground and lower floors, two accessible bedrooms sharing an adapted bathroom..
all ethnic and cultural needs can be catered for.
the front entrance provides a waiting area, a quiet visitors’ room and a small office where residents can meet privately with a member of staff,
Residents’ medical needs are handled through local GPs.

Structured Activities

Whilst at Ripon House, residents are encouraged to address issues relating to their offending behaviour. A number of in-house groups enable residents to use their time productively. These groups include:

  • Alcohol Group
  • Get Clean Stay Clean
  • Craft Group
  • Home of your own
  • Fire awareness

in addition, residents can be referred to other partnership organisaitons and local colleges.